Setup Windows with no internet

  • Cons of requiring an internet connection to setup Windows 11

    Requiring an internet connection for the setup of Windows 11 comes with a set of potential negatives: In summary, while online connectivity can offer benefits like real-time updates and cloud integration, mandating it for the initial setup of an operating system can pose challenges for users with different needs and preferences. Striking a balance between…

  • Setup Windows 11 without an Internet Connection

    Discover a swift and simple way to install Windows 11 with our step-by-step instructions. This post provides an easy workaround to bypass the Out-of-the-Box-Experience (OOBE) Internet requirement, ensuring a hassle-free setup process. Follow these instructions for a smooth installation journey. Bypassing OOBE Internet Requirement: Alternative Instructions: Enjoy a Seamless Installation: With these simple steps, you…

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